A special visit from Prague 3 to VŠE

The first day of the new semester was exceptional not only for the students of the Prague University of Economics and Business but also for its graduates and friends of various age groups from Prague 3, who visited VŠE for a tour of its premises, made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Information Center of Prague 3.

This event was organized under the direction of the VŠE Event Centre, and the entire tour was led by the head of the VŠE Event Centre, Bc.Pavel Kolesár.

During the tour of almost all the premises of the Prague University of Economics and Business, participants learned many interesting facts, especially about the school’s history, buildings, study programs, and the specifics of individual faculties.

If there is someone who would like to reminisce about the good old times and visit Žižkov again to reconnect with their alma mater, they will have a unique opportunity on October 21st. On this day, the largest alumni event in history will take place – VŠE ALUMNI HOMECOMING.

You can find all the information about VŠE Alumni Homecoming here.

We firmly believe that you will not want to miss this event. Your Alma mater is already looking forward to seeing you.