EuroPython2023 Sprints at Žižkov

The entire last weekend (July 22 – 23) was dedicated to the event called EuroPython2023 Sprints, which took place at the premises of the Prague University of Economics and Business, at Žižkov. Both days were characterized by effective collaboration, team building, and quick problem-solving.

The EuroPython2023 Sprints provided an opportunity for anyone interested in programming, coding, and related topics to participate in this fantastic event, with the goal of successfully concluding the week-long EuroPython conference that preceded this “Sprint” Weekend.

But what exactly are these “Sprints”?

They are a form of short, improvised coding gatherings where anyone interested in a particular project can express their view and contribute to fast and effective problem-solving. These meetings aim to encourage individual team members to share their ideas and knowledge in this field with others. Additionally, during these Sprints participants are given the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge they gained at the conference.

The entire event organized by EuroPython took place in the Rajská Building of VŠE at Žižkov. The total number of attendees exceeded 250 people, coming from various parts of Europe.