From the life at VŠE, or in other words, the semester’s beginning!

More than a month of the 2023/2024 winter semester has passed, and we would like to remind you of what has happened at the Prague University of Economics and Business since the beginning of the academic year and what you might have missed.

Members of the VŠE Travelers Club surely haven’t missed that there have already been three lectures on travel and places worth exploring since the beginning of the semester. The first of these lectures took place on September 26th. The main topic was “West Africa: Adventures to the Edge.” It was followed by a seminar that aimed to provide an in-depth look at South Korea, titled: “How to (not) Understand South Korea.” The most recent event organized by the student association, the VŠE Travelers Club, was a lecture on Iraq – “Iraq: A Country That (Maybe) Can’t Be Helped.” Another lecture will take place next week, on Monday. For more information, visit their Facebook page (Klub cestovatelů VŠE).

Another student association that has been hosting events accessible to all who are interested since the beginning of the semester is 4FIS. This group has organized many fun events, including a Pub Quiz, Geek Quiz, sports tournaments, board game tournaments, and more. For a comprehensive overview of their past and upcoming events, we recommend following their Facebook page (4FIS-Studentský spolek) or Instagram (@4fisclub).

The ECONSE student association has also been active. Under their leadership, a debate titled “How Did It Turn Out for Us, in other words, About the Slovak Elections” took place on October 5th. The debate covered topics such as the course of the elections in Slovakia, election results, and the impact of the elections on the political and economic development of Slovakia. You can find the dates of this association’s future events on their Instagram profile (@econse.spolek) and their Facebook account Econse.

In addition to the mentioned events, there was a lecture held by the Investors Club titled “Introduction to the World of Hedge Funds.” Participants in this lecture learned about what hedge funds are, how they work, how various funds differ from each other, and many other useful information related to this topic. You can find all the information about planned events on their Facebook page (Klub investorů) and their website.

Last but not least, an event organized by the Junior Diplomat Initiative took place. The discussion focused on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The guest of this discussion was David Konecký, the Head of the Security and Multilateral Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. You can find more events organized by the student association JDI on their Facebook page (Junior Diplomat Initiative) and Instagram (@juniordiplomatinitiative).

There was also an event by the Young Political Scientists Club, which hosted a debate this week with Bolivian Senator Cecilia Requena Zarate. Her field of expertise is the protection of nature, including the Amazon rainforest, which the current government in Bolivia is burning and cutting down. The second guest of the debate was the Czech economist and politician Ivan Pilip, who previously held the position of Minister of Finance and Vice-Governor at the European Investment Bank. For more information, check out the Instagram of the Young Political Scientists Club (@kmp.vse) and their Facebook page (Klub mladých politologů).

However, the biggest event since the beginning of the semester was undoubtedly the opening party organized by the ESN student organization. This event called the VŠE Bomb Party, took place on September 27th at the OX Club Prague and was attended by a record-breaking 1509 visitors, mostly VŠE students from various study programs, faculties, and years.

There are truly many events at the Prague University of Economics and Business so don’t forget to follow our Instagram @ec_vse to stay informed. If you’d like to find out what else has been happening at VŠE, look at our previous articles.