MASTERCARD Bank of the year 2023

One of the most recognized professional conferences in the banking sphere, called Mastercard Bank of the Year 2023, took place today at the University of Economics in Prague.   

Mastercard Bank of the Year is the most prestigious Czech award for retail financial products with a twenty-year tradition. The aim of the Bank of the Year is to recognise the services and products of banks and insurance companies operating in the Czech Republic.  

This year’s conference on the theme “Bank as a beacon of progress” was divided into two discussion blocks. The opening speech was given by the Rector of the University of Economics Petr Dvořák and then Petr Stuchlík, the founder of the Bank of the Year award, welcomed all the participants.  

In the course of the morning, the speakers were Petr Barton (Natland), Aleš Blažek (CEO of ČSOB), Jan Juchelka (CEO of KB), Katarína Kakalíkova (Mastercard CZ&SK), Petr Kotáb (PF UK), Mojmír Hampl (National Budget Council), Ladislav Malůšek (KPMG partner), Jana Matesová (Czech representative to the World Bank), Tomáš Salomon (CEO of Česká spořitelna) and Lenka Zlámalova Týdeník Echo a Echo24. cz).  

The whole conference was about the role of banks in the Western world in the 21st century.