Researchers’ Night

The atrium of the Rajská building at the Prague University of Economics and Business came alive tonight thanks to the Researchers’ Night, event held on this university campus. This event is organized annually at many locations throughout the Czech Republic and involves many universities and research institutions, including VŠE.

This year’s edition was titled Mystery and was intended for both children and adults. Its goal was to solve the mysteries of science and show everyone who attended the Researchers’ Night how research, studies, and testing are conducted. The topics included global threats, mysteries of inflation, electronic identity, and the online world. The Czech National Bank also attended the event as a regular guest.

As part of this evening, a competition titled “The Secret of Financial Illiteracy Infection” took place. Contestants were tasked with identifying the symptoms of this mysterious infection and suggesting possible treatments.

We hope you enjoyed this event, and we look forward to seeing you again next year during the Researchers’ Night at VŠE.

You can find more information about the Researches´Night at VŠE here.