Summary of Career Workshops for the Academic Year 2022/2023

Throughout the academic year 2022/2023, a total of 13 career workshops were held under the auspices of the VŠE Career Center. The career workshops were led by professional career advisors, coaches, HR consultants, and other experts, and were conducted in both Czech and English languages. The following topics were covered:

  • Communication, time management, feedback, personal development, networking – as part of the You can do it! Project (CZ)
  • Effective communication techniques (based on neuroscience) (CZ)
  • Start your career (CZ)
  • How to choose a meaningful career (CZ)
  • Self-awareness tools (CZ)
  • Strengths (CZ)
  • How to prepare for interviews, how to create a CV (EN)
  • How to prepare for interviews, Assessment Center(CZ, EN)
  • CV and motivational letter (CZ)
The workshops were held during both the winter and summer semesters of 2022/2023, except during the examination period. Most of the workshops took place on the days of the ŠANCE job fair, in October 2022 and April 2023. Four of the workshops were held in person, and nine were conducted online.

In order to continuously improve services for students, feedback was obtained for each workshop:

  • “I am interested in everything that can help me start my career. I didn’t expect anything, but I knew the seminar would be of high quality, as always :)” – Participant of the Self-awareness tools workshop
  • “I liked the workshop topic and the speaker the most, it was exactly what I needed.” – Participant of the Self-awareness tools workshop
  • “I attended to get tips on how to handle an interview from experienced professionals; what was said there met exactly my expectations.” – Participant of the Preparing for Interviews workshop
  • “I wanted to learn how to start my career. I expected to learn how to start planning my career. I liked that it was discussed what I should do to start my career and how to draw my career map.” – Participant of the Start Your Career workshop
The VŠE Career Center would like to thank all career advisors for their cooperation and all workshop participants. We are currently preparing career workshops for the winter semester of 2023/2024, which will be announced on our website before its start. We would be pleased to hear your suggestions for topics you would like to hear from career advisors in the coming semesters. For this purpose, please contact us at