The VŠE Event Centre at the University in Utah, USA

The International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF) organizes an annual congress held for experts from various countries around the world. Its main objective is to create a safe forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions.

IIPF aims to facilitate intellectual exchange among all those involved in research, teaching, or practice in the field of public economics. This institute has more than 600 members from 50 different countries.

This year’s edition is taking place in the American state of Utah at Utah State University in the city of Logan, and the main topic of the entire three-day conference (August 14th – 16th) is Behavioral Public Finance, featuring speeches by B. Douglas Bernheim (Stanford), Joana Naritomi (LSE), and Johannes Spinnewijn (LSE).

Next year, this significant conference will take place at our university, from August 21st to 23rd, 2024.

It will be the 80th edition. Given that this is one of the major events organized by our university, our VŠE Event Centre is already preparing for this occasion. In the process of improving this annual event, the organizers went all the way to Utah to observe this year’s edition in order to have an overview of the entire conference and to improve even the smallest details.

The topic for the year 2024 will be International Tax Evasion and Inequality. The event will be targeted at the entire academic sphere, with the goal of exchanging opinions on this topic.