VŠE ROOF 2023 for future freshmen of VŠE

On the very first day of the summer holidays, just a few steps away from the Prague University of Economics and Business, an event called VŠE ROOF took place. The aim of this event was to introduce future students of our university to their new classmates and students from higher years. The venue for this great event was provided for us directly on the roof of Radost, which is located in close proximity to the Prague University of Economics and Business.

During the Saturday afternoon, our future students had a unique opportunity to learn a lot of information not only about studying at the VŠE but also about the functioning of this university, directly from the students who are part of the VŠE CREW. They gained many useful insights on how to handle university studies, how to combine studying, work, and personal life, and how to prepare for their first examination period.
However, one of the organizers’ goals was also to officially kick off this year’s summer holidays. Therefore, a good atmosphere, great music, and an entertaining show, provided by our very own VŠE CREW, could not be missing.
We would like to organize this event in the upcoming years as well. So, if you are planning to become a student of the Prague University of Economics and Business in the future, make sure to follow our website and Instagram @ec_vse, so you don’t miss out on this great event.