From life at VŠE, or in other words, the exams are coming up!

The summer semester is almost over, and the long-awaited exam period is approaching. Let’s recap which events took place at the Prague University of Economics and Business during the summer semester.

First, let’s recall the events organized by the student association Club of Travelers at VŠE. In the second part of the summer semester, they organized several interesting events. One of them, held at the VŠE, was a lecture on free travel titled “Adventures without Limits.” Another event featured a student sharing captivating stories from their exchange program in Portugal, titled “Why (not) go on Erasmus.” For more information, visit their Facebook page (Klub cestovatelů VŠE).

Another student association that has been organizing entertaining events not only for students since the beginning of the semester is the All Arts Club. Events organized by All Arts Club include the Vernissage exhibition “We Can VŠE” and Stand-up Comedy at VŠE. More information can be found on their Facebook page (All Arts Club) and Instagram (allartsclub).

Other events during this semester at VŠE were organized by the student association Junior Diplomat Initiative. These included discussions with Matt Field, the British Ambassador to the Czech Republic, providing insights into Czech-British relations from a diplomatic perspective. More information can be found on their Facebook page (Junior Diplomat Initiative) and Instagram (juniordiplomatinitiative).

The Investors Club also held several events, including a workshop in collaboration with PwC and interactive lectures on topics such as “Long-term management of private assets: investment strategies for family offices and foundations,” “How to stimulate the Czech capital market,” and “Inflation attenuation and interest rate development.” For more information about planned events, visit their Facebook page (Klub investorů) and website.

Additionally, the Financial and Banking Club organized a panel discussion addressing the popular question of adopting the euro in the Czech Republic. The discussion featured prominent guests such as Czech economist and Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, Ing. Jan Skopeček, Ph.D., and macroeconomics and international finance expert Prof. Ing. Martin Mandel, CSc. Among other events, FinBank also hosted a lecture titled “Beyond Stocks: Why Invest in a Private Equity Fund.” More information about planned events can be found on their Instagram (finbank_vse).

The Tourism Students Club (CUFR) also organized many events at the Prague University of Economics in and Business, including a lecture on tourism with expert Leigh Mercer and a networking event titled “Meetings Matter; Mice: Opportunities and Challenges in Prague.” CUFR also organized an excursion related to Air Traffic Management. For more information about other events, visit their Facebook (CUFR) and Instagram (cufr.vse).

The 4FIS student association also organized several student events, including an educational Unity Workshop where students could gain necessary knowledge about Unity engine basics. They also hosted an entertaining Pub quiz at the Academic Club at VŠE. If you’re interested in these events or more from 4FIS, follow their Instagram (4fisclub).

In collaboration with the Tax Club, the Department of Public Finance, and the Department of Tax Advisors, a Talkshow titled “Taxes, my Love” was organized. The talk show mainly focused on tax issues and the use of artificial intelligence. For more information, visit Instagram (klubdanaru) and Facebook (Klub daňařů).

During the Innovation Week, the MUN Prague association organized a “UN Security Council Simulation” where students could immerse themselves in the role of diplomats, discuss urgent global issues, form alliances, and experience Security Council negotiations. More information is available on Instagram (munprague) and Facebook (MUN Prague).

Chess enthusiasts also had their share during the Innovation Week, as the Chess Club VŠE hosted another chess tournament on April 11, 2024. Information about planned chess tournaments can be found on Instagram (

Another interesting event was the Business Cocktail hosted by the Student Club of Commerce and Competitiveness, where participants had a great opportunity to meet personalities from the business world. SKOK also organized a career development workshop. For more information about other events, visit their Instagram (skokvse) and Facebook (SKOK).

Econse, the debating society, also hosted a captivating discussion in collaboration with members of the European Development Agency. The aim was to deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of European programs and project management. More information can be found on Facebook (Econse) and Instagram (econse.spolek).

Followers of the Young Managers Club surely noticed that this student association organized several events. One of them was a lecture with Michal Mládek, the largest McDonald’s franchisee in the Czech Republic, on the topic of “How to manage 10 McDonald’s branches?” KMM also organized a creative workshop in collaboration with LEGO. Information about Young Managers Club events can be found on Facebook (Klub mladých manažerů)and Instagram (kmm_vse).

Also worth mentioning is an event by the Young Political Scientists Club. Their followers surely noted that this association organized their first PubQuiz on April 3, 2024. For more information about upcoming events by the Young Political Scientists Club visit their Facebook page (Klub mladých politologů) and Instagram (kmp.vse).