Best exhibitors of the spring Job Fair ŠANCE 2023

Let’s take a brief look back at the job fair ŠANCE, which took place from April 18 to April 20, 2023. Allow us to announce the winners of the competition for the TOP exhibiting company/institution.

All visitors of the fair had the opportunity to vote for the best exhibitor, but it was mandatory for those who wanted to participate in the competition for visitors. An anonymous questionnaire was used for evaluation, which was available in Czech and English languages, so that foreign students could also participate.

The main criteria for evaluation were the appearance of the booth, the overall impression of the visit to the booth, and the friendliness of the exhibitors.

Each day the votes for each company were counted, and we now present to you the winners that got the most votes. If you are one of the winners, we congratulate you warmly. We will be pleased if you appreciate the feedback from the students that we provide in the following summary.

The winners are
  • Tuesday, April 18, 2023 – PwC Czech Republic, KPMG Czech Republic, Grant Thornton
  • Wednesday, April 19, 2023 – L’Oréal, Albert ČR, Seyfor, Raiffeisenbank
  • Thursday, April 20, 2023 – IceWarp, Nestlé, STOCK Plzeň-Božkov

On Tuesday, PwC became the best-rated exhibiting company, which was positively evaluated mainly due to the friendly and helpful approach, willingness to advise, help, and answer all questions from the students. The way the company presented itself was appreciated by the students, especially the non-alcoholic drinks offered. The most discussed areas of work were internships in auditing and consulting.

In second place was KPMG, which scored with a friendly approach, practical experience sharing, and answering all questions asked. The most discussed work areas were audit, data analysis, and consulting. Interested students also received a broader range of part-time offers suitable for students.

Grant Thornton ended in third place. Students appreciated the friendly approach, willingness to answer questions, and the friendliness of the exhibitors. The company offered job positions in auditing, tax and financial consulting, data analysis, and consulting. The students were once again pleased with the special guest.


On Wednesday, L’Oréal took first place, praised for its friendly, kind, and helpful exhibitors who were well-informed and offered students positions mainly in the marketing field.

Due to the same number of votes, two companies, Albert ČR and Seyfor, tied for second place. Albert‘s booth was handled by very helpful exhibitors who mainly offered summer internships in various fields.

Seyfor received many votes, especially due to the friendliness of the exhibitors. Students praised how pleasant it was to talk to the exhibitors, who introduced the functions of the company, responded quickly and briefly, and provided useful information. Interested individuals gained information about various job positions in IT, analytics, and marketing.

Raiffeisenbank took third place for Wednesday’s participation, offering internships in IT, data analysis, and risk management. The exhibitors were very open, helpful, and communication with them was pleasant.


IceWarp also deserves congratulations for their excellent performance and first place for Thursday’s participation. Students particularly appreciated the exhibitors’ willingness and friendly approach. Visitors to their booth received a wide range of job positions in marketing, sales, IT, HR, and finance.

Nestlé took second place, with their exhibitors being very pleasant and helpful, offering students good coffee and answering everything that interested them. Students gained an overview of the positions offered in marketing and sales, finance, and HR, particularly in the form of trainee and graduate programs.

Congratulations to STOCK Plzeň-Božkov for taking third place. The exhibitors explained the offered opportunities, were kind and helpful, and offered students the opportunity to join their team, mainly in marketing, sales, HR, and finance.

We would like to thank all exhibitors who participated in the job fair ŠANCE, and we congratulate all the winners on their success!